Strawberry + Champagne


Seasonal flavor – limited availability!


Flavors of fresh strawberries, champagne vinegar and lemon balm blend perfectly to create this shrub style cocktail mix. Combine 1-2 oz with your favorite spirit or sparkling water, top with Barmade Bitters and finish with a Barmade Garnish for an amazing crafted cocktail.


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The Baldr

2 oz Strawberry + Champagne Barmade Mix

2 oz vodka

Shake with ice and strain into a coupe glass

Add .5-1 oz Prosecco

Top with Barmade Sunshine Bitters

Finish with Barmade Lemon Wheel Garnish


Barmade Froze’

Freeze a bottle of dry Rose’ in ice cube trays for 6-8 hrs

Add 6 cubes to blender with 3oz Strawberry + Champagne Barmade Mix

Blend until combined

Add to glass of choice

Topped with Barmade candied lemons and dried strawberries