Pear + Thyme


Seasonal flavor – limited availability!


Tired of pumpkin spice drinks? Celebrate fall flavors with a Pear + Thyme Barmade Mix cocktail instead. Delicate pear blends with lemon and the earthy undertones of thyme for an autumnal flavor experience that is outside the norm.


Mix Pear + Thyme with 1-2 oz of your favorite spirit, or sparkling water, enhance with Barmade Bitters and top with a Barmade garnish for the perfect craft cocktail.

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Autumn Margarita 

2 oz Pear + Thyme Barmade Mix with

2 oz Mezcal

3-4 drops Sveikas Barmade Bitters

Shake with ice

Pour (including ice) into a rocks glass

Garnish with Autumnal Bundle


Pear + Thyme Mimosa

Add 2 oz Pear + Thyme Barmade Mix to champagne flute

2-3 drops Barmade Sanctuary Bitters

Top with 4 oz Champagne

Garnish with  Barmade Autumnal Bundle Garnish