Grapefruit + Peppercorn


Ruby red grapefruit, sage and peppercorn blend perfectly to create a cocktail that bursts with citrus and subtle spice. Mix Grapefruit + Peppercorn with 1-2 oz of your favorite spirit, or sparkling water, enhance with Barmade Bitters and top with a Barmade garnish for the perfect craft cocktail.

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Just a Little Taste

2 oz Grapefruit + Peppercorn Barmade Mix

2 oz vodka

Shake with ice

Strain into vintage cordial glass or coupe glass

Top with 2-3 drops Barmade Sanctuary Bitters

Easy like Sunday Morning

1 oz Grapefruit + Peppercorn Barmade Mix

1 oz Vodka

Add to champagne flute

Fill with Prosecco

Add 2-3 drops Barmade Sunshine bitters



Barmade Paloma

Rim collins glass with salt and fill with ice

Add 2 oz Grapefruit + Peppercorn Barmade Mix

Add 2oz mezcal or white tequila


Top with 1oz sparkling water

Finish with Barmade Citrus Wheel Garnish